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What is a car tracker? Why do i need it?

.The advent of incessant cases of car robbery necessitated the need for vehicle owners to secure their vehicles. In this post, you will learn: What is a car tracker and why it is important to have it in your car.

Read on to know everything about a car tracking device.

What is a car tracker?

A car tracker is a GPS enabled device that tracks the position of your car in real-time and reports to you upon request. Car trackers have many other functions like reporting the condition of your engine, reporting the condition of your battery, reporting over speeding and many more conditions of the car.

Car trackers use General Positioning System (GPS) to track vehicles. GPS uses satellites to find coordinates of any targeted object on earth as it reports its position.

Some car trackers are Active while some are Passive.

Active car trackers give driving data in real-time. It sends the location of the car, current speed, etc to a server that can then be observed with a mobile app.

Passive car trackers store the driving information in a drive embedded in the device.  This information can be retrieved anytime and viewed on a computer

However, Some car trackers are both Active and Passive saving the data also reporting in real-time.

Why do You Need a Car Tracker?

Whether it’s for a single use or for a fleet you can’t play down the control a car tracking device brings to you.

To prevent theft

We all hear about car theft every now and then and oftentimes this could have been avoided by the use of a car tracking device.

Monitor Over Speeding

Car trackers have a feature that reports when over speeding. For companies that don’t have a speed limiter device installed, GPS trackers can notify you every time your vehicle is driven above your approved speed limit.

Manage Fleets

You can monitor your drivers; knowing every turn they make while on the road. This technology has been long embraced by transport companies in Nigeria like God is Good Motors and ABC Transport Company to monitor their vehicles.

Drivers Behaviour

Vehicle trackers have been known to help curb bad practices among drivers. Fleet management companies use reports like over speeding, harsh braking, harsh cornering to tame their drivers.

In conclusion, you may probably be thinking: How do I get a car tracker installed in my car?

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