Uber Nigeria: Everything You Need To Know

Perhaps you are wondering what this Uber which you have been hearing really means. Well, it may not be far from what you may have been hearing about it. And even though you have not heard anything about what Uber really is, here in this article is all you need to know about Uber Nigeria.

what is uber?

Uber Inc. is a US owned multinational ride-hailing company. It is known as the world’s biggest ride-hailing service provider. Uber was founded in 2009 by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick. The name of the company was UberCab before it was shortened to just Uber in 2010.

Uber operates in about 45 countries. Therefore, Uber Nigeria is a subsidiary of the Uber ride-hailing company. In Nigeria, Uber operates in major cities: Lagos and Abuja.

How Does Uber Work?

The working principle of Uber Nigeria and others in other countries is simple:

When you register for Uber services, you can book a taxi service to anywhere within the city. You will make your booking using the Uber Mobile app.

Registered users only need to login to their Uber account and request for a cab or taxi. The Uber company will now contact an Uber driver closest to the location of the customer.

Uber Nigeria will therefore forward the details of customer to the driver and vise versa.

How to use Uber app

To use the Uber app, you must have signed up for the service. If you are already registered, download the Uber app from your App Store or Play Store as the case may be.

The Uber app is marked with a black icon with white design in the middle.

  • Tap the icon to open.
  • On the app’s home page, click the “Where to?” button to choose where you are going to.
  • Choose the exact location you are going to.
  • Now select which of the Uber service you want.
  • Review the fare you will be charged and then proceed to order.

You must have enough money in your Uber account in order to complete your order.

Uber Nigeria offers different ride services depending on your budget and number of people getting on board.

How to register with Uber

To register with Uber, all you need to do is to download the Uber mobile app and sign up. You can also sign up through their website www.uber.com

  • Choose your country and enter your mobile phone number.
  • Enter the verification code that will be sent to your phone to proceed with the registration.
  • Input your phone number
  • Enter your name and your desired password.
  • Sign up and then proceed to enter your payment options.

Uber Nigeria car requirements

To become an Uber driver in Nigeria, your car must meet certain requirements:

  • The car must be in a good physical condition.
  • The air conditioning system of the car must be sound.
  • Any car for Uber must have a working radio.
  • Your car should be a four doors cars and have insurance coverage.

How to become Uber driver

It is a great news that you do not need to have your own car before you can become an Uber driver. Uber can provide you with a car when they have found you worthy to be a driver.

To become an Uber Nigeria driver, you have to apply. To learn about how to become an Uber driver, click here: Become an Uber driver today!

Uber customer care line

Maybe you have something to complain or suggest to Uber about their serviceĀ  you can contact Uber Nigeria using the Help feature in the Uber Mobile app.

You can also contact the Uber customer service via the numbers:

0808 169 7334 or 0808 169 7335.

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