Uber Driver: Make Money Driving with Uber in Nigeria

Uber as a ride-hailing company has provided job for many people, especially in Nigeria. Being an Uber driver has turned a golden opportunity.

If you have been wondering how you can become an Uber driver in Nigeria, and make really good money from it, then you must read along.

Requirements For Uber Drivers

To drive for this notable company, you must meet certain requirements as set by the company. These requirements are set to ensure that quality service is delivered.

The Uber driver requirements are:

  • You are required to be up to 21 years of age.
  • You must also have a valid driving licence.
  • It is required that Uber drivers have no bad records in the past.
  • The car to be used to Uber service must be covered by insurance.

Ho much Can You Really Make Driving Uber?

One thing you want to know is how much Uber Drivers in Nigeria make. Can going that way really yield much money to offset your bills?

As making good money driving for Uber may be a function of the amount of jobs you get, it also depends on your skill as a driver.

If you are a driver who has the required skills can actually make more than you expect.

You can make more than N150, 000 as an Uber driver in Nigeria. The minimum fare for Uber in Lagos is N400 while the highest is N3800 and a driver can make an estimate of N50, 000 in week.

You can read more about how much Uber Drivers make here.

Qualities Required of Uber Drivers

After any ride, the customer is allowed to date the driver. This therefore implies that Uber monitors their drivers. If you do not have the required traits or skills, you will be rated down and be dumped after all.

So if you must make good money from Uber as a driver, you must have the skills below:

  • You must be an individual who is patient
  • Uber drivers must also be responsible and focused.
  • Every good driver obeys traffic regulations.
  • Good drivers must care about others.
  • You must not be a drunkard if you must be a driver.

Rounding up, I still want to say that you can make a very comfortable living being an Uber driver. If you are trained driver, what are you waiting for?

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