Taxify Nigeria: Everything You Need To Know

You probably have heard the word Taxify and you are inquisitive to know what it is all about. What I have done this article is to bring everything you needed to know about Taxify Nigeria to the level you will best understand what it is. Are you ready?

What is Taxify

First, we must answer the prickly question “What is Taxify?” Well, Taxify now called Bolt is a ridesharing company founded by Markus Villig in August 2013.

Bolt, formerly Taxify currently operates in 30 countries of which Nigeria is one. In 2018 alone, the company made a revenue of €79.7 million for their sort of taxi services.

How does Taxify Work?

Now, how does Taxify work in Nigeria? If you are registered for the service, you will simply order a taxi using the Taxify mobile App.

When you book or order a Taxify cab, the company will send you a driver relative to the service package you booked.

Your contact details will be given to the driver and the driver’s own sent to you. The driver then comes your location and picks you for the destination you had chosen.

You will be charged for the service according to the ride package you chose and the destination you are heading.

How to use the App

  • To use the Bolt (formerly Taxify) service, you have to use the Bolt Mobile app. When you have downloaded the app, tap the app icon to open it.
  • Now set your “Pickup” location and your destination.
  • Choose which ride package you want and proceed to order.

The nearest Taxify cab will be sent to your location following the information you provided when you made the order.

How to register with Taxify

You can register for Taxify (Bolt) as either a user, a driver or as a fleet owner.

To register as a user, you have to download the Bolt Mobile app and sign up.

Registering with Taxify as a fleet owner means you are investing in the company. So if you have up to three cars, you can register as a fleet owner and enjoy some percentages from the business.

Click here to register as a Taxify fleet owner.

Taxify Nigeria car requirements

In order to become a Taxify driver, your car must meet the following requirements:

  • The Car must be in sound physical working condition.
  • The car must be able to take up to 4 passengers.
  • The car must be at least a 2003 model or a newer model.
  • Salvaged cars are not needed.
  • The acceptable cars for Taxify Nigeria must either be Sedan or SUV.

How to become Taxify driver

Becoming a Taxify driver involves just three steps:

  • Sign up as a driver by registering your profile.
  • Attend the Taxify training
  • Get your car accredited. If you do not have a car, Taxify will give you a car from the ones provided by fleet owners.
  • Get Activated and Verified.

To begin your journey as a Taxify driver, sign up here.

Taxify customer care line

You could reach Taxify Nigeria (Bolt) customer care through this email: [email protected]

You can also use the Help feature available on Taxify mobile app if you want to reach the customer service provider.

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