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Road Signs In Nigeria and Their Meanings

To ensure safety of lives on the roads, various road signs are placed at strategic positions along the road. These road signs serves as guide to drivers and road users.

These signs could be colours, pictogram and symbols. The road signs are designed this way for easy remembrance and so that you can simply understand them when you see them.

The road signs sometimes are too many that we tend to forget what each of them mean. In this post, you will learn what every road signs means. You can always refer back to this guide anytime any of them sip out of your memory.


Road signs are designed with certain colours. Each of those colours carries different meaning. Here below are the meaning of various colours used on road signs.

  • RED: Red as colour signifies danger. It is simply a cautioning colour the simply says ‘STOP’. So Red colour means STOP.
  • GREEN: Green is life. Therefore on the road, Green colour signifies that traffic is permitted; you can move on.
  • ORANGE: The Orange colour as road sign serves the purpose of warning and as guidance in roadways work zones.
  • BLUE: Blue colour as road sign signifies road user services, tourist information. Blue also indicates evacuation routes.
  • WHITE: If a road sign bears a white background colour, it indicates a regulatory sign.
  • YELLOW: Yellow as a road sign utterly indicates caution.


Colours are important in road signs, but what really convey the actions needed are the shapes the road signs carry. To really understand what each road sign means, you must reason into the shape depicted in the road sign. The list below can serve as a guide.

  • An octagon road sign (8 sided shape) indicates STOP. It is usually designed with red colour. It is only a stop sign that is designed with this shape.
  • A triangle shape designed upside down is a road sign that indicates “yield.”
  • Diamond-Shaped Signs: This road signs indicates that there are possible hazards ahead.
  • Round-Shaped Signs: This road signs usually carry railroad signs. It is likely you see a railroad sign on a circular road sign.
  • A pentagon-shaped (5 sided shape) road sign warns that a school area is ahead. Pupil/Students may be crossing so the driver should be conscious of it.
  • Vertical rectangle road signs are usually used to indicate regulatory notices like allowed speed limits.
  • A Y-shaped road sign indicates that a road split into two ahead. It also signifies that there’s a junction ahead.
  • Two vertical lines with a a dotted vertical line in the middle used as road signs shows that there is a bridge ahead.

Other signs include curves which shows that a road bends to. There are some road signs which also indicate the distance of a popular (known) destination.

So with this knowledge of road signs, you will be able easily understand the road signs and fail not to disobey traffic rules.

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