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Plate Number Verification: How To Verify Your Number Authenticity

Plate Number Registration is one of the rudiments every car owner has to pass through after acquiring a new car. However, you have to be careful so as not to fall victim to quack registration vendors. You should be able to know how to carry out simple Plate Number Verification by yourself.

The risk of carrying a fake plate number is enormous and you don’t want to be caught by the federal road safety commission while carry a fake number. Firstly, the penalty will cost you some money and secondly, your valuable time will be wasted.

Basically, after the completion of your vehicle registration, you need to carry out a Plate Number Verification before considering driving your car on Nigerian highways.  Apart from the federal road safety commission, you are also answerable to Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIO) as well as the Nigerian Police.

So you see the dangers of carrying a fake plate number. Well, the good news is this, The process of checking if a plate number is valid is as simple as  ABC. If can be checked via sms or through Federal Road Safety’s plate number verification website.

Continue reading to learn how to carry out frsc plate number verification all by yourself. Also, you can check this post to learn how to check car number plate owner.

Online Plate number verification Method

    • Log on to frsc plate number verification‘s website by clicking here.
    • Click on “Verify Plate Number” as shown in the screenshot below
    • Provide your “Plate Number”, on the next page
    • And then click on “Verify”

Note: The website to carry-out the above guideline has been updated to With their latest update, you can carry out the verification directly on the root website without clicking on “Verify Plate Number” as illustrated in the screenshot below:

plate number verification

You should enter the plate number in this format “AGL634DL”. You will get an error message if you enter it like this AGL 634 DL. So ensure you don’t leave any space while entering your plate number.

See below the result page you will be redirected to if you rightly follow our guideline.

verify plate number

Plate number verification Via SMS

To verify your vehicle plate number authenticity, follow the guideline below:

Send “VerifyPlateNo The Plate Number” to 33324.
Example: “VerifyPlateNo ABJ224AK”. Send it as a text message to 33324
If the above method is done correctly, you will be notified instantly if your plate number is valid

Also Note: Ensure you type “VerifyPlateNo” with no space between. The letter’s capitalization doesn’t matter, you can write all in small caps or in capital but ensure there is no space between each word.

However, you need to give a space after “VerifyPlateNo” to enter the Plate Number. This is exactly how it should look like “VerifyPlateNo ABJ224AK”.


Now that you have learned How To Confirm Your Plate Number ‘s Authenticity using frsc plate number verification’s website and through text message, it’s time to ask you if you have also installed a car tracker device in your car.

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