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Is it worth it getting a tracker on my car?

In a fast-moving world like ours, there is a need to keep an eye on our belongings and getting a car tracker is one way of keeping a close eye on your car.

If you know the risk you stand to face when you lose your car, you wouldn’t ask this question: Is it worth it getting a tracker on my car?

However, in this post, we will highlight a few of the core functions of a car tracking device and why it is worth every penny you invest in getting it.

Firstly, before we discuss the functions, let’s talk about the risk of not having a vehicle tracker installed in your car.

  • You stand to lose your car with no clue of recovery
  • The risk to spend a lot of money while you attempt to recover it with the police
  • You have no assurance or guarantee that the police can recover it
  • You stand to lose man-hour time. (Remember Time is money)

Now that you know the risk of not getting a Gps Tracker, Let’s see if it’s really worth it to get a tracker in your car

Reasons for Getting a Car Tracker

1) To Monitor Your Car’s Movement: Car tracker uses GPS technology which shows the current position of your car. You can monitor your driver’s movement so he doesn’t divert your car to run his personal business when he is on an errand.

2) To Have Full Control Of Your Vehicle: With the Gps Vehicle Tracker, you can stop, start and even listen to the conversation going on in your vehicle. So basically, having a car tracker installed in your car, puts you in total control.

3) Vehicle Movement History: Fixing a car tracking device will afford you to see all the places your car was driven to. The car tracker system saves your vehicle’s movement history, up to 6months back. So in case, you want to know where your vehicle was driven to 3months ago, you can replay it with the tracker app.

4) Get Alerts: You can be alerted for events like movement, power cuts, no or poor network signals, Zone-in and Zone-out etc. Notification can be sent via push notification, sms or via email.

5. Geofence or Perimeter Control: Geofence is a feature that helps you limit movement within a specific perimeter. For example, you live or run your business in the city of Lagos and you don’t want your car to drive outside of Lagos state.

With the geofencing functionality of a GPS tracker, you can mark Lagos state as a Zone. The device automatically will notify you every time the vehicle attempts to leave Lagos state. You can then stop it or call the driver to question.

6. Undetectable: A Gps Vehicle Tracker is usually miniature and easily hidden in an automobile. So it’s difficult to tell a vehicle has a tracker installed in it.


So to crown it all, having a gps tracking device installed in your car gives you total peace of mind because you will be sure that your car is safe and even if it gets missing, you can recover it all by yourself in less than 30minutes.

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