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Is It Illegal to Track my car in Lagos state

Are you a resident of Lagos state? and are you wondering if it is illegal to Track your car in Lagos state?

Of course, it is not. Getting a GPS tracker installed is one of the best things you could do to protect your car. As a matter of fact, every vehicle owner in Lagos state has either gotten an insurance company or a car tracking company in Lagos to install a tracker device for them

So in case you are still wondering if you are violating any laws of the city of Lagos, it is pertinent you continue reading this article to find out more.

The Truth is, GPS Vehicle Trackers are not new in Lagos or any part of Nigeria. A lot of smart people are using it already across the country.

In some cities across the world, there are laws guiding against the use or installation of car trackers. Violators are made to pay a certain penalty if they fail to adhere to these laws.

However, at the moment, there is no specific law that guides against the use of a car tracking device in Nigeria.

Safe Practices

As we have rightly mentioned above, it is not illegal to Track your car in Lagos state. On the other hand, there are safe practices you need to adhere to, in other to stay out of trouble.

  • Don’t install a tracker in a car that does not belong to you
  • If you must track your business vehicle, let the driver know
  • Inform your wife, partner, before you plant a tracker in their car

Follow the above rules and you’ll be safe. It’s also worthy to note that, you should be careful of who you contract to install a tracker in your vehicle. Endeavor to carry out a proper check of the car tracker company’s eligibility to carry out such service.

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