How to check plate number owner in Nigeria
How to check plate number owner in Nigeria

How to check plate number owner in Nigeria

Do you have the need to identify a plate number’s owner in order to follow up with a reckless driver? At times, situations happen on the road and people want to know who is behind the wheel.

This guide will show you 3 steps to getting the name behind that plate number. Continue reading to learn how How to check plate number owner in Nigeria.

The truth is, many people always give up when it involves trying to find a car’s owner through the plate number. Without knowing the steps it sure looks like a very difficult task or even impossible.

It could be really challenging doing this as you will have to pass through steps to get this done with authorities that are sometimes reluctant to help.

You’re not just going to walk into a police station and get a name. You have to present a worthy reason before you’ll be given the needed help.

Steps on How to check plate number owner in Nigeria

Follow the below steps to identify a plate number’s owner:

1) Get to the nearest police station. First thing is to let the police know what happened and why you need to get the information you need.

You should be clear here as the police will want to be sure that you don’t have any bad motive for seeking to uncover the owner of a plate number.

2) Ask for the necessary documents to further drive the course. When the police are fully convinced and ready to help you should be given a document that allows you to go further in finding the owner of the plate number. This step is very important because without it you have little or no chance of getting the needed assistance from the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC).

3) It’s time to visit FRSC. In every state of the federation, there is an FRSC office open to public complaints. Check to find the nearest office to you.

Don’t forget to present the document from the police to them and also explain why you need the information. If the FRSC deem it worthy to give you the information then there will look into the database of all registered plate number in the country and give you a name.

That’s How to check plate number owner in Nigeria. Hope you loved you, please kindly share and comment if you have any question.

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