How much does uber driver make weekly in nigeria

Are you interested in becoming an Uber driver and you’re wondering How much does uber driver makes weekly in Nigeria? 

Well, the weekly earnings of an Uber Driver vary and this has some factors to thank.

Firstly, it’s good you know that Uber drivers don’t receive a fixed salary and in this article, we will try to give you an estimate of an average Uber driver’s weekly earnings in Lagos and Abuja

However, it is worthy to note that our figures or estimation will be resting on the assumption that there was

  • No car breakdown
  • No accident
  • You didn’t break any traffic law that could bring about delays
  • You didn’t waste man-hour time Queuing for fuel

We are assuming the driver being on the road for a fixed number of hours in the 7-day period.


Let’s use Lagos for this first case study. As you already know, Uber Nigeria started from Lagos state and with the ever-increasing population of Lagos state, Uber drivers will definitely never run out of business. So if you are not lazy, you should be able to earn up to three million Naira annually. See below our evaluation of How much an uber driver makes weekly in Lagos.

Uber’s minimum fare in Lagos is #400 and the maximum is #3,800.

An average Uber driver spends 5 hrs on the road and at least 2 trips are completed within an hour.

Again, say a trip cost #1,000 on average. That’s #2,000 for every hour and that is #10,000 daily which makes it #70,000 weekly.

Moreover, there are some factors that help an uber driver make this much daily and It’s also worthy to note that you can actually make up to 30,000naira daily if you learn and implement some of the few tricks we will highlight in this post.

You will be amazed that by simply adhering to these simple tricks, your monthly earnings will skyrocket and your fellow drivers will be wondering how you tend to make more money than them. Continue reading or skip this post to the bottom section to learn our little secret.


So let us answer this other lingering question since we’ve learned the earning potentials of an uber driver in Lagos state.  Firstly, I will like to confess that, until I started writing this article, I didn’t realize How much an uber driver makes weekly in Abuja

I was wondering since the city is not as crowded as Lagos, the earning potentials won’t be as lucrative.  However, after a few research, the figures I got will leave you in stitches.

We learned that the earning potentials of an uber driver in Abuja are no different from what is obtainable in Lagos State. Furthermore, as we mentioned earlier, there are a few hacks that can double these earnings. Scroll below to see them.


The above estimations exclude the cost of fuelling your car and toll gate fees, so don’t get over-excited yet.

In addition, Vehicle repair is the full responsibility of the car owner.  So if an uber driver makes 70,000naira weekly, we need to also factor in the fact that the vehicle will be refilled daily. Expenses like pumping of tires or settling task force for wrong parking should also be considered.

Earning Hacks

    • Identify hotspots or high request zones and stay around these places. You get more request from these zones
    • Create accounts on other hailing services like Taxify Nigeria. So you will be getting request from Uber App as well as Taxify App
    • Liaise with popular transportation companies like Young Shall Grow Motors, Chisco Transport, God is Good Motors and Guo Transport. They can be referring you to their passengers that want charter or drop. You can work out a commission deal with them, meaning, every time they refer someone to you, they get paid.
    • Be polite to your riders so that you can get more positive reviews. Uber Nigeria gives a bonus for good reviews and riders tend to order drivers with good reviews.
    • Get a calling card for yourself. After every trip, politely slip a calling card into your rider’s hand and let them know you are available for drop or charter. You will be amazed at how much this hack can fetch you in a month. Although I don’t know if this violates Uber terms and conditions. However, I do know a lot of smart guys that use this hack.

In Conclusion

Now you know how much you can earn using your car for a hailing service like Uber. It’s time to inform you of our services. We offer car tracker installations and fleet management solutions.

Be sure to get a car tracker device installed in your car while you make money with it. We will be glad to talk further with you in securing your car. Give us a call today.

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