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How Much Does Taxify Drivers Make a Week in Nigeria

Do you own a car and you are thinking of registering it with a taxi-hailing service like taxify or bolt?

In this post, you will learn How Much a Taxify Drivers Make a Week in Nigeria

As it applies to all taxi-hailing services like uber, your earnings are dependent on your daily efforts. A driver that stays more on the road gets more at the end of the week.

Fare per trip starts from #500 to #4,000 and  Taxify keeps 15% of the total income you make as a driver. So, averagely a bolt driver makes up 10,000naira daily. This excludes the cost of fuelling the car and the fees they incur at Toll-gates. It is also worthy to note that the taxify driver or the car owner is solely responsible for vehicle repair and maintenance.

Factors That Influences Your Earnings

Factors that determine your earning as a Taxify driver are:

  1. The category you fall: Full-time drivers make more money than part-time drivers.
  2. Take advantage of Rush Hours: Plan to make yourself available during the rush hours. Taxify rush hours are in the morning when people are going to work and in the evening when people are returning from work.
  3. How many hours you spend on the road: Spending more time online on taxify app will mean getting more trip requests. Definitely, this directly translates to spending more time on the road. You can also qualify for weekly bonuses if you worked hard enough.

You can get up to #100,000 or more monthly it all depends on your effort.

So in summary, How Much a Taxify Drivers Make a Week in Nigeria is solely dependent on the above-mentioned points.  We estimated an average of 100,000naira monthly, however, this amount can be doubled if you follow the hacks we recommended in this post.

Now that you know how much you could make as a taxify driver, its time to ask you this question; would you like to protect your car against theft?

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