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How much does a car tracker cost?

Wondering how much does a car tracker cost? Perhaps you are considering taking up an insurance offer for your new car and you are wondering if getting a car tracker is the best option.

Continue to read to learn How much does a car tracker cost in Nigeria and how you too can have a car tracker device installed in your car.

The cost of a car tracking device varies depending on the features and brand. Of course, car trackers with more features cost more. It also depends on if one is buying for a single car or a fleet.

In which case, car trackers are not expensive with various car tracking installation done below #100,000.

Before I go down to the pricing details, I have an advice for you. You shouldn’t let the price be the sole determining factor on the car tracker you get. Things like what you expect from your car tracker device and its quality should also serve as a guide.

With that said, you should be able to get a car tracker that comes with your desired features and with a cost that doesn’t hurt your pocket.

Still wondering if it’s worth getting a car tracker? Of course, YES. It will take a lot of thinking off your head and put a lot of things under your control.

Back to how much you can get a car tracking service in Nigeria. Using Otrac Telematics, the #1 car tracking company in Nigeria, you can absolutely rely on our services which is applauded for its affordability.

Cost of Our Car Tracker Service

You can get our Basic plan which only cost #30,000 and comes with:

  • Demobilizer,
  • Backup Battery,
  • SMS to Get Map
  • 1-year support.

Or the Deluxe plan cost #40,000. This plan offers App Tracking with all basic functions in addition to:

  • Voice Monitoring,
  • Mobile App Tracking

The Premium plan cost #50,000 it offers web and application tracking, all deluxe plan functions, Geofencing, history playback and lifetime support.

However, if you have a fleet of cars and you want to get premium functionalities, the advance is ideal for you. The Advanced plan cost #60,000 it offers app and web tracking, all Premium plan functions, over 20 Printable Reports, over 20 Alerts and Lifetime Support.

Otrac has been in the business since 2009 so you can rely on our wealth of experience to give you the best service.

Give us a call today, we will be super excited to help you secure your car at a very affordable cost.

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