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How do you tell if there is a tracker in my car?

Did you just buy a new car? Or are you currently drive a friend’s or family car and you wonder: How do I tell if there is a tracker in my car?

Continue reading this post to learn ways to find out if someone is tracking your car.

Tracking other people’s cars without their permission or without them knowing is not a nice thing to do. However, there could be various reasons why anyone would want to track you secretly.

If a curious person plants a Gps car tracking device in your car or the car your driving without your consent. It is obvious he wants to monitor your movement or know the location of the car at any point in time. Any other reasons would be best known to them.

If you are wondering if this is legal? Well, the legality depends on who did it. If there’s a warrant for that, then the person who did it has committed no crime. Outside this, it’s likely a crime if the device is planted without the car owner’s consent.

How Do I Detect a tracker in My Car?

Car trackers are miniature in size, so detecting it is going to be very difficult. However, if you are resolute to find it out from your car, you should be ready to dedicate about 10hours to search for it.

You should be ready to thoroughly search the car with an automobile technician. Search for it as if you’re looking for a pen cover. Don’t overlook any space no matter how small. There are over 10 spots a tracker can be planted inside any car. This is the reason you shouldn’t overlook any spots. Make sure to check around the seats, the doors, and the roof.

You should Also check the Exteriors. Magnetic GPS tracking devices are most times planted under the car. Take a careful look at the wheels as that’s commonplace to easily hide Magnetic tackers.

In addition to that, searching for it in the dark can reveal the device easily. Most tracking devices have a tiny light that comes up periodically indicating the battery’s life.

Finally, Get a GPS radio frequency jammer device from gadget stores near you. It is pertinent to note that a GPS jammer will not detect the tracker in your car. It will only help to disrupt the GPS & GPRS signal on the device.

GPS jammers are usually plugged in the vehicle’s lighter port. When they are turned on, they emit strong radio signals that overpower the GPS & GPRS from the car tracker device. So if you can afford a Jammer, you don’t need to border yourself in finding where the tracker in planted in your car. A jammer will automatically stop it from working.

In conclusion

If you can’t go through the above process, it is advisable you Get a Professional. An expert should be able to determine this in no time and the charge will be moderate. We offer this service as well as securing your car with a tracker device. Contact us for any of the aforementioned services.

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