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How can I tell if my car is being tracked?

Vehicle trackers are usually tiny devices that work with cellular networks and global positioning system (GPS) to allow a vehicle owner to monitor their car’s realtime position from anywhere with a mobile phone.

However, not all car tracker devices are installed by the vehicle’s owner. Most new automobiles come pre-installed with a tracking device. According to this article on, China is planning to plant a tracking chip in every new car in 2019.

With over 80% of the cars used in Africa being manufactured in China, it is possible for your new car to have a tracking chip already.

This takes us back to the subject of this post: How can I tell if my car is being tracked?

In as much as it is not bad to have a tracker device installed in your car. It is unethical to install a tracking chip in a vehicle without the owner’s consent.

Furthermore, if a tracking chip has to be installed in a car whilst it is being manufactured. It is significant to avail the owner with information on how to operate it.

Just as every new car comes with an operational manual. Every car pre-installed with a tracking chip should likewise be provided with a manual for the tracker.

There are ways to find out if you are being tracked. But, in this post, we will only recommend how you can disrupt a tracker from monitoring your privacy. This is due to the fact that; Its almost impossible detecting a tracking device because of its miniature size.

However, you can read this post to learn how to Detect a tracker in your Car. See below our recommendation


Due to the difficulties associated with detecting a tracking chip in your car. We thought it will be nice to come up with a countermeasure to disrupt the operation of the chip.

Thus, We recommend a GPS frequency Jammer. A Gps Jammer alters the signals that a tracking device needs to function. You can get this device from top gadget stores like amazon or eBay.

Although they don’t come cheap, they should save you the troubles of finding that tracker you didn’t install.

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