Driving for Uber vs Taxify: Which Pays Drivers & Investors More

As the two most popular taxi services in Nigeria, potential drivers could be wondering which is better: Uber vs Taxify.

After you have read this article, you will better understand which of them that pays drivers and investors better. But in order to grasp this better, I would advice you dislodge every stereotype you may have created against either of them. Else, we may not be giving you any information.

This is undoubtedly a big package to tear open just easily. Nevertheless, we shall tackle it in bits. We will first understand how the prices of Uber and Taxify trips are determined and therefore move to how much percentage of the trip fare is taken by drivers. Following this, we will therefore give our verdict.

Therefore, the prices and fares of Uber and Taxify is determined by the following factors, although not limited to these:

  • Distance
  • Base
  • Time
  • Extras, which could include tolls, surge pricing etc.

However from these factors, Uber or Taxify (Bolt) will be able to calculate how much the fare will be.

Now, how much percentage of these trip fares does the Uber or Taxify driver gets?

The truth remains that the amount or the earnings of the drivers taken by the companies vary. And from what we found out, Uber takes a percentage between 20% to 30% of the drivers’ earnings while Taxify (Bolt) collects between 15% to 20% of what the drivers get.

From the above you will simply know that Taxify drivers have a better chance of making more money than Uber drivers. But does it really end there?

Uber is more popular, but more expensive than Taxify. There are chances too that Uber drivers gets more passengers than their Taxify rivals. And from the price-war that has been going on between the two counterparts, it seems the market is shared equally, but Taxify is still getting heavier day after day.

What Is Our Verdict Between Uber vs Taxify?

It may be obvious what we have to give as answer. But from the above we can say that Taxify drivers get more money cuts than the Uber drivers.

Uber takes more cut from their driver-partners than Taxify does. Taxify also does promotional price beat offers that actually cuts down the cost of trip fares.

Which Pays Investors More between Uber and Taxify?

On another hand, not all who drive for Uber or Taxify has their own car. Some investors invest cars (fleet owners) into the business, while the company now hands them over to worthy drivers.

But which of these ride-hailing companies pays these investors more?

The truth however remains that what you will earn as a car owner is dependent on the quality or type of car you are investing into the business. Obviously, the better the car, the higher the amount you earn per week.

The amount a fleet owner will get either on Uber or Taxify also depends on how well the driver works. We found out that fleet owners on both companies can make up to N40, 000 per week and a minimum of N30, 000 per week.

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